Dobson Crossing

Dobson Crossing Fall Path



Gunningsville Boulevard
Riverview, NB


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Commencement Date

Fall 2022

Adventure Awaits

Welcome to Dobson Crossing, where adventure awaits with the Fundy Biosphere as your backyard! Enjoy endless and breathtaking hiking trails with direct access to the Dobson Trail. Or jump on your bike and follow the Gunningsville trail to the Riverfront Park and take-in the famous tidal bore.

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Dobson Crossing - dobson-crossing-render

Nature’s Playground

Explore the outdoor tranquility of the Dobson Trail with 57 kilometers of trail systems through the Fundy Biosphere, connecting from your front door all the way to Fundy National Park. Enjoy year round walking, biking or cross country skiing along the beautiful forested trails. And in the winter time, participate in the fun activities that the adjacent Winter Wonderland Park has to offer, including outdoor skating, sliding hills and sleigh rides.

Dobson Crossing Map
The Tides
Dobson Crossing Boardwalk Path
Dobson Crossing Winter Trail
Dobson Crossing Forest
Dobson Crossing Trail
Dobson Crossing
Dobson Crossing
Dobson Crossing

Amenities and Convenience

Enjoy small town living, while being only a short bike ride away from Moncton’s City Centre along the Gunningsville Boulevard trail system. Amenities such as a grocery store, restaurants, and pharmacy are within a short walking distance.

Dobson Crossing - dobson-crossing-path
Dobson Crossing Riverview
Dobson Crossing Trails
Dobson Crossing Bridge
Dobson Crossing Directions
Dobson Crossing Gazibo
Dobson Crossing Town
Dobson Crossing Beach
Dobson Crossing Winter Landscape

Welcoming Community

Thrive About

Riverview is a town with a casual, comfortable, and familiar warmth of spirit. It is defined by its down-to-earth values of kindness, care and respect. Physically charming and alive with the genuine humanity that can only come from really knowing your neighbours.

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